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First page

  • · Title, Name of Author(s), Affiliation and Address, Running Title, and Corresponding Author should be given.
  • · The names of each author should be written in full spelling.
  • · Running title should be given within 10 words.
  • · Corresponding author should be written (including institutional address and e-mail address).

Second page

  • · Abstract should be written within 250 words.
  • · Add key words (maximum of 5 words) at the bottom of abstract in alphabetical order.

Third and the following pages

  • · The manuscript should be written in the order of Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Acknowledgment, References, Legends to Figures, Tables and Figures.


  • · References in the text should be written as:
    • --- (He and Kwang, 2013).
    • If more than two references cited at the same site in the text:
    • --- (Hoerr, 2010; Fraisse and Cockrem, 2006; Mack et al., 2013). Lin et al. (2008) reported ---.
  • · The list of references must be in alphabetical order of the first author's last name in References.
  • Journal articles:
    • Akedemir F, Orhan C, Sahin N, Sahin K, Hayiri A 2012 Tomato powder in laying hen diets: effects on concentrations of
    • yolk carotenoids and lipid peroxidation. Br Poult Sci. 53(5):675-680.
  • Books:
    • Surai PF, Austic RE, Chang IS 2003 Natural Antioxidant in Nutrition. 11th rev. ed. Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia, PA.
    • Lin H, Livak MK, Mack RL 2011 The effects of oxygen on growth and development of the embryo. Pages 123-155 In: Respiration and Metabolism of Embryonic Development. Seymour R Sed. Dordrecht, The Netherlands.
    • Association of Official Analytical Chemists 2012 Official Method of Analysis. 14th ed. Association of Official Analytical Chemists, Arlington, VA.
  • Others:
    • Gilbert D 2010 Chronic acute heat stress studies in broiler chickens. Ph. D. Dissertation, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. Pages 1-100 in Univ. microfilm No. 150-1515.
    • Jang IP 2010 Method for coenzymeQ10 egg production. U. S. Patent 4,371,555. Feb. 1.
    • Smith IE 2008 A simple method for the detection of lycopene. Pages 99-106 In: Proceeding of the Egg Industry Research Conference, American Egg Institute Cooperation, Chicago, IL.
    • Anonymous 2010 Worthington Enzyme Manual Book. Worthington Biological Corp., Freehold, NJ. Page 210.
  • WEB page:
    • Tanaka M. J-Poultry Web. Accessed on September 10, 2009.
  • · All the cited papers in the text must be listed in References.
  • · All the papers in References must be cited in the text.
  • · Papers not yet accepted for publication should not be listed in References (cite in text with year as “unpublished data”)

Tables and Figures

  • · Table style and format should be follow instructions for authors and recent issues.
  • · Abbreviations used in a table must be defined in that table.
  • · Figures to be printed in black and white should prepared in black and white.
  • · Abbreviations used in the figure must be defined in the caption of that figure.


  • · Line numbers should be given on each page.