Editorial Board


C. Kong (Kyungpook National University)

Editorial Board

Y. H. Hong Chung-Ang Univ)
J. H. Kim Kongju National Univ)
S. S. Shin Kyungpook National Univ)
Y. S. Moon Gyeongnam National Univ of Sci and Tech)
A. R. Jang Kangwon National Univ)
C. Jo Seoul National Univ )
I. S. Jang Gyeongnam National Univ of Sci and Tech)
K. C. Nam Sunchon National Univ))
J. M. Heo Chungnam National Univ)
K. W. Lee Konkuk Univ)
H. K. Jang Jeonbuk National Univ)
Y. M. Choi Kyungpook National Univ)
M. Kang Jeonbuk National Univ)
K. D. Song Jeonbuk National Univ)
C. S. Park Purdue Univ)
E. C. Hong National Institute of Animal Science)
Y. M. Kwon University of Arkansas)
B. R. Min University of Maryland Eastern Shore)
K. C. Lee The Ohio State Univ)
J. H. Lee Chungnam National Univ)
S. Jung Chungnam National Univ)
D. W. Kim Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries)
H. W Sung Kangwon National Univ)

Managing Editor

S. I. Lee Kyungpook National Univ