Correlation between Internal and External Egg Quality Indicators in the Early Phase of Hy-Line Brown Laying Hens
Korean J. Poult. Sci. 2022;49(2):53-60.
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Effects of Dietary Exogenous Hydrophilic Emulsifier Supplementation on Growth Performance and Carcass Traits in Broilers
Korean J. Poult. Sci. 2022;49(2):61-67.
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In Vitro Antibacterial Effects of the Chimeric Peptides from Chicken and Pig Antimicrobial Peptide NK-Lysin
닭과 돼지의 항균펩타이드 NK-Lysin으로부터 조합된 펩타이드의 In Vitro 항균효과
Korean J. Poult. Sci. 2022;49(2):69-77.
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Effect of Carcass Weight on Physicochemical and Sensory Traits of Duck Meat
오리 도체중량이 오리고기의 이화학적 특성 및 관능특성에 미치는 영향
Korean J. Poult. Sci. 2018;45(3):137-145.
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Lipid Metabolism and Fatty Liver in Poultry
닭의 지방대사와 지방간
Korean J. Poult. Sci. 2018;45(2):109-118.
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Production Performance of 12 Korean Domestic Chicken Varieties Preserved as National Genetic Resources
국가 보존 유전자원 한국토종닭 12종의 생산능력 고찰
Korean J. Poult. Sci. 2019;46(2):105-115.
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