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Korean Journal of Poultry Science. Vol. 50, No. 1, 2023

Effect of Combined Supplementation Catechin and Vitamin C on Growth Performance, Meat Quality, Blood Composition and Stress Responses of Broilers under High Temperature
고온 환경에서 카테킨 및 비타민 C 첨가가 육계의 생산성, 계육품질, 혈액성분 및 스트레스 지표에 미치는 영향
Korean J. Poult. Sci. 2023;50(1):1-13.
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Effect of Body Weight in Growing Period on Laying Performance of Korean Native Chicken Breeders
토종 종계 육성기 체중이 산란 능력에 미치는 영향
Korean J. Poult. Sci. 2023;50(1):15-22.
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Correlation between Egg Breakage and Cumulative External Forces on Eggs during Egg Collection in Laying Hen Farms
산란계 농장 계란 이송라인의 누적충격강도와 파각발생율의 상관성 분석
Korean J. Poult. Sci. 2023;50(1):23-30.
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Poultry By-Product Meal as a Potential Protein Source in Broiler Diets with Exogenous Protease Supplementation
Korean J. Poult. Sci. 2023;50(1):31-39.
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High-Risk Area for Human Infection with Avian Influenza Based on Novel Risk Assessment Matrix
위험 매트릭스(Risk Matrix)를 활용한 조류인플루엔자 인체감염증 위험지역 평가
Korean J. Poult. Sci. 2023;50(1):41-50.
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Effect of Feral Peach Sugar Extracts and Gomchwi Extracts on Physicochemical Properties and Shelf-Life of Woorimatdag Chicken Marinated with Red Pepper Sauce
개복숭아 당절임액 및 곰취 추출물이 우리맛닭 고추장 양념육의 이화학적 특성 및 저장성에 미치는 영향
Korean J. Poult. Sci. 2023;50(1):51-61.
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Effects of Supplementing Vitamin E and Nanoparticle-Sized Vitamin E on Growth Performance, Blood Profile, and Meat Quality in Broilers
Korean J. Poult. Sci. 2023;50(1):63-72.
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